10 Simple Travel Hacks for Flying!

Everyone hates flying, whether its the plane journey the stress of an airport or waiting around for your flight. Flaying isn’t only stressful it also hurts the bank! Food and drinks are expensive both in the airport and on the plane; Duty free shops entice you to spend and of course if you haven’t changed currency before you fly. Not to mention if there is no on flight entertainment, kids kicking your seat or a very loud intoxicated person. Flying causes stress there is no doubt about it, but these hacks may just help!!!

1. Be nice to your flight attendants!

Being nice to your flight attendant is an obvious, if you need help on a flight feel ill etc they will help you! only if your nice though jks

2. Remember your earphones.

On a flight where kids are screaming or the plane engine noise is just too much relax and listen to your favourite music. Remember o downloads it all to play offline before you fly as most planes don’t have WIFI!

3. Take empty bottles through security.

Although you cant take liquids through security you can take empty bottles to fill up after security. Many airports have water stations to fill your bottles however if yours doesn’t just ask a bar they will probably fill it for you! This hack will save you spending tons on drinks for the flight.

4. Take antibacterial wipes to clean your tray table.

Although due to the pandemic there is now a better sanitisation of seats and trays on flights not all flights do a ‘proper’ job. Therefore to be on the safe side of not catching any germs and knowing that your area is sanitised take wipes and wipe down your area before use.

5. Book an airport lounge!

Although this may cost around £60 to £70 it is worth it if you want your time at the airport to relax a destress before the flight!

6. Turn left at airport security.

Research has found that many people automatically turn right at security because most of the population is right handed! Don’t get caught out next time at security!

7. Invest in a portable charger!

Often our travel time is over 7 hours from start to finish and our phones just cant last that long. To make flying more stress free invest in a portable charger so your phone will never die again when you travel!!

8. Tie something memorable to your luggage!

Tie something to the handle of your luggage such as a bright piece of cloth to easily find your luggage easily at baggage claim. This will save all the stress after your flight.

9. When arriving at the airport take a photo of your parking place!

There is nothing worse than when you return home from a trip and you forget where you parked! That’s why always taking a photo of where you parked eliminates all the stress coming home and gets you to your car super fast.

10. Book an early flight to avoid turbulence.

Storms which is the usually the cause of turbulence often occur in the afternoon and therefore a morning flight is less likely to have turbulence. However to bare in mind that storm can happen in the morning too!

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